Corporate Chat Platform

We created a corporate chat platform to enable employees to communicate in a comfortable familiar environment, similar to popular instant messengers, but at the same time to have all the benefits of a secure application integrated into the corporate landscape, available on mobile devices, via a web interface or as a widget built into other applications.

Additionally, chat can be integrated into the chat project management tools, HTM and BPM solutions, chat bots to automate typical tasks and any other tools that help make chat a really effective assistant for employees.

Corporate Chat Platform

For employees

Mobile applications and web client

Personal and group chats

Safe forwarding and storage of attachments

Чат-боты, NFC, QR, push, search and other possibilities

For the сompany

A functional environment for employees collaboration in a secure circuit

Flexible role model

Integration with project management tools and other company processes

AI control

Recognition of keywords and obscene vocabulary

Intent recognition and named entity recognition (NER)

Analysis of the topic and tone of voice in correspondence

Human Task Management

Task queues and routing rules management

Tasks execution monitoring

Dashboards and analytical reports for managers

More projects